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The Inspector Cluzo & Poslušalnica 69
5€, po koncertu 0€

V 1. delu novemberskega večera se bosta na oder postavila francoska zajebanta, ki sta nas v Gala hali na svojem 1. slo nastopu popolnoma navdušila – THE INSPECTOR CLUZO!


V svoji pristni “fuck the bassplayer” maniri nam bosta francoska divjaka predstavila svoj zadnji album “The 2 mousquetaires”.

Drugi del večera pa je namenjen Poslušalnici 69, ki tokrat gosti glasbenega novinarja Sandija Sadarja Šobo (RSQ, Aritmija, Rockline, Rock Hard…), ki ga je album The Razor’s Edge skupine AC/DC iniciral v svet trde rock glasbe. Glasbeni eksces, popolna fuzija občutka, vsebine in iskanje popolnega zvoka ter ritma ga je od prvinskih ritmov AC/DC popeljala v avantgardo alternative 90’, tako bo poleg prvinskega zvoka rockerske garaže iz zvočnikov zavel tudi zvok eklektikov TOOL, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, kot tudi zvoki Pantere in južnjaškega temperamenta. Težišče shizofrenega glasbenega univerzuma je v vsej njegovi neulovljivosti nekje vmes.

After 500 gigs in 30 countries and 50000 album sold within 4 years, all DIY (do it yourself), The Inspector Cluzo releases his CD / Comic-book 3rd album “The 2 Mousquetaires” next february, 20th on his own label: Fuck the Bass Player Records.
This 3rd album has been recorded, written and produced in their studio/office/label in Mont de Marsan (Lou Moun), Gasconha in Lacrouts great father’s house. Once again, their friend Stephan Kraemer mixed the album and their Taiwanese friend Chris Chaos did all the drawings. The idea of this CD/Comic-book is to use a different way of distribution respecting the main actors: producers and consumers.A tour supporting the album is planned including a Paris show at “La Cigale” on march 7th, 2012. The “FB’s horns” who are on the album will also be on tour with the duet.The Gascon duet chose to speak about the Gascon values -well known through the Mousquetaires- to show the fight they undertake for the respect of all traditions and culture of the whole world attacked by the insanity of the consuming world.
The band is developing a narrow partnership with some local actors such “le stade montois rugby”, the brand Adishatz® or the handmade “le domaine de la Tuilerie” Bas-Armagnac (cf. Concerned page).The Gascon duo is proud to be « Que som cabelhs e testuts » (stubborn and tough in Gascon)!

Biography 2012

Four years ago, the former guitarist and drummer of the deadly funk band Wolfunkind decided to start a new project. Their fucking bass player never showed up at the rehearsal, so they said “fuck the bass player” and started the band as an original funk’n’roll duo, playing rock and groove/soul music… without a bass. Their old mate Angelo Moore from Fishbone found the first name of the band, “The Pink Panther”, obviously, because of legal issues , they preferred to name the band: The Inspector Cluzo, one of the most well-known french character in the world. Then came a first LP, “The Inspector Cluzo”, recorded and mixed by Stephan Kraemer (Yann Tiersen…) in Belgium. They didn’t know at that tme that they would sell 20.000 copies of this album all around the world, touring everywhere in 2009 and playing at the most prestigious festivals (Fuji Rock in Japan, Pentaport in South Korea, Springscream in Taïwan, The Falls and Southbound in Australia, Azkena Festival in Spain, Eurockéeenes in France, Pohoda in Slovakia, Rock For People in Czech Rep…). For a lot of promoters , they’re simply one of the best international live act of the year, playing crazy shows, smashing drums randomly and having some “tumades” (1) with some frustrated technicians.

Back to France, they record their second album in Malcom’s kitchen (renamed Studio Kitchen), nothing has changed… and everything has changed. Recorded between a good bottle of wine and delicious duck breast cooked by the band himself (and mixed again by Stephan Kraemer), this record is richer (like if they’d learned a lot from their travels all around the planet), including a beautiful handmade packaging which reminds us that The Inspector Cluzo is a really indie band. Actually, they do everything by themselves, management, label, booking, promo, publishing… through their own record label Fuck The Bass Player records.
Their old mate Angelo Moore is still there (who made a very special spoken word at the end of this album) and the horns section of the French marching band Ceux Qui Marchent Debout appeared on the album, all that made the band the funkiest rock and soul duo of the world who has just delivered a great record, more successful than ever and more sticking to what they used to do on stage, powerful and exciting. This is rock. “Heart and Soul rock“.Either Live or in studio, they play all with their four hands, there is no “pro tools” or any tracks in playback. As says the band: no cheating.

After two years of “French Bastards” touring (including gigs such as Strawberry Festival in China, Vieilles Charrues, Francofolies, Transmusicales in France, Dour Festival in Belgium, Eurosonic and Lowlands in the Netherlands, Rockwave in Greece…), The Inspector Cluzo did his first US tour in October 2011. They have also recorded at Lacrouts great father’s house, just re-designed into an office and a recording studio in Mont-de-Marsan, Gasconha their 3rd album “The Two Mousquetaires”. This album is, this time, fully recorded and produced by the band, mixed by their friend Stephan Kraemer. It is actually a cd and a comic book – drawings have been made by their Taiwanese friend Chris Chaos who already did “the French Bastards” album. This new album will be released next February 20th on their own label Fuck The Bass Player Records (Label of Gasconha).
This album raises the Gascon values -well known through the mythic Mousquetaires- as well as all traditions and cultures from all countries. This album is dedicated to humanism thoughts, being the fruit of the 500 gigs in the 30 countries visited by the band within the last 4 years. The FB’s horns who will be on tour with the band on the upcoming shows also appeared in the album, bringing richness and warmth.
The traditionnal and humanism values in the album are a wall to the pathetic smoothness of this consuming world. It’s a fight for values, that Gascons can obviously do.
The « Adishatz » song of the album, written and said in Gascon, deals with that.
The Gascon duet The Inspector Cluzo is proud to be « Cabelhs e Testuts » (tough and stubborn in Gascon) as sings the song to fight better against this consuming world.

(1)- Tumade : In Gascon is a word to describe when the guy is fought by the cow during their typical “course landaise” in an arena. “Course Landaises” and “Corridas” are the most representative sports in Landes country.