Emiliy Jones

Izkušnja 24 letne Emily z AIESEC

When Emily graduated from university, she did what most recent university graduates do: start applying for jobs. However, in order to find a more challenging and fulfilling position, she decided to take an AIESEC internship.

Emily’s first internship saw her travel to Pretoria in South Africa, where she completed a 2-month internship with a small not-for-profit organization that offered technology consulting services to other non-profits. During her internship she learned valuable lessons in hope and self-awareness from local AIESEC members, in a country famous for having hope keep dreams alive.

Being that her first experience was so impactful for her, Emily decided to take on another internship in Lagos, Nigeria, where she worked for a small business consulting firm. Besides having the opportunity to work in an entirely different business environment from what she was used to, Emily experienced the developing side of Nigeria as well through volunteering at an orphanage.

Now, back, in her home country serving a term as President of AIESEC Canada, Emily is putting what she has learned through her internship experiences to work, while learning new skills every day. As the leader of a national branch of a global organization at only 24, she wonders, would her experience thus-far would be possible anywhere else than AIESEC?


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